About this Site

Welcome to On Photography, and what I’m trying to offer as a different approach to presenting photography on the internet. This web site is under development now; I hope to fill it in during the coming weeks.

Many of the web sites on photography are mostly pictures. There will be a lot of that here, because I enjoy taking pictures and sharing them with family and friends. But there’s a lot that I’ve learned about photography that lends itself to sharing with others, so I’m going to take a try at that too.

Every page in the site will have the same menu across the top to help you find your way around. Posts will offer new pictures that I’ve taken, thoughts about the photography I’m doing, and leads to new material that’s been added to other portions of the site. Photo Galleries will present collections of some of my favorite pictures.  Creating Photos will present my ideas about taking, processing and sharing pictures. Equipment will discuss my ideas about cameras, lenses, accessories and printers. I’m a bit of a nut about purchasing books on photography and have assembled a mini-library over the years. Helpful Books will discuss the books that I’ve found most useful, with links to web sites where they can be purchased.  Interesting Links discusses web sites that I’ve found helpful.

Any time you see a “thumbnail” picture, you can click on it to see the picture full-size. (If you’re viewing the site on an iPhone or an iPad, you may have to hold your finger on the thumbnail to show the larger picture.) The “x” in the lower right-hand corner will close the full-size picture and return you to the page you were reading; if the page contains multiple pictures, the “<<” and “>>” in the lower right-hand corner will show the pictures in turn (or you can use the left-arrow and right-arrow keys on your keyboard). The F11 key triggers a full-screen view; pressing F11 again restores the previous view.

There are comment blocks at the bottom of many pages; feel free to let me know your reactions. Printing is available for posts and many text oriented pages.  Look for the Print link and icon at the beginning of a post or the bottom of a page.

Thanks for stopping by On Photography. If you enjoy the site, pass the link (alexmakowski.com) along to your friends.

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