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I first became interested in photography over 30 years ago, when I shot mostly black and white (some color slides) and set up a home darkroom to develop the negatives and make my own prints. I don’t miss film at all — developing and printing was a very tedious process compared to what is possible with a computer and a good ink-jet printer.

I put photography aside for a few years, then started taking pictures again (as many parents do) when my two children came along — color prints  this time. I bought my first digital camera about 10 years ago and began saving everything I wanted to the computer. Over the years I’ve backed up carefully and often, and I’ve never lost an image to a computer failure. Two years ago I bought a good scanner and began making digital copies of my black and white negatives from 30 years ago, black and white prints that my father made 50 years ago, and the color prints that I took before I bought my first digital camera. Now everything’s organized, cataloged and backed up, and I get a lot of pleasure out of viewing pictures from the distant as well as recent past.

My major photography interests now are landscapes and casual people shots (studio work doesn’t particularly interest me). I get outdoors in the Rockies often in both winter and summer and have a lot of pictures from Colorado. I’ve also had the opportunity to travel to Europe and Japan, and I enjoy the pictures that I’ve taken there. My objective for the next year or two is to find more inspiration for photography in and around New York City, where I live and work.

Thanks for stopping by.

Alex Makowski, March 2011

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