Web Site Design

There’s a new look for On Photography this morning. I haven’t posted or written yet at any length about the process for creating this web site; that’s something that I’ll get to “shortly”. My work on this site started with a book, Get Your Photography on the Web, which led me to an open-source software package called WordPress, which led to WordPress for Dummies (3rd edition), which led to a supplemental software package for WordPress called Weaver. I had first looked at setting up a web site in early 2010, but I was discouraged by the work that seemed to be needed to do the combination of text and photos that I had in mind. It turns out that creating a web site with WordPress is quite easy, and giving it a more unique feel with Weaver (which I did last night) takes little time at all. I highly recommend the books, the software and the intellectual exercise of putting one’s work on the internet.

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Other Web Sites

I’ve begun the process of identifying other web sites that I find entertaining or informative. Click “Interesting Sites” on the menu bar to find the links and a brief description of what it is about them that I recommend. The first two sites I link to are ScottKelby.com and dpreview.com.

Digital Photography, Scott Kelby

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Scott Kelby’s name will come up from time to time in On Photography.  He is easily the most useful writer for beginning and intermediate photographers, and advanced photographers will also learn from his presentation.   His Digital Photography is a set of 3 paperback books with everything from practical tips on exposure, focus and lighting to ideas for sports photography, weddings, landscapes, portraits and more.  Click on the image for a longer discussion.


Pretty Girl

So here’s a picture of a pretty young girl.  Adorable, right? She’s already cute as a button — nothing to improve there — but the picture could be made a whole lot better. Click on the picture to head to a discussion of cropping, and learn how.

Initial Galleries Are Complete

The first major portion of On Photography to be put in place is the photo galleries, which are now up and running.  From the main menu, Photo Galleries will take you to an introductory page with links to the first seven galleries; the introductory page and each gallery page have links across the bottom for easy navigation to other gallery pages.  I’ll be adding additional galleries from time to time.