Creating Photos

There are lots of books to help photographers of all skill levels learn to use their digital cameras, or learn to use them better. (And a lot of those books are written by people with more expertise and experience with photography than I have.) I’ve used a lot of those books myself; there will be links throughout On Photography to books that I’ve found to be particularly useful.

So why devote a portion of this web site to material that can be found elsewhere? First, while a number of books collectively may provide the insights that I hope to present here, many photographers will not have the patience, time or money to track them all down. Second, a book necessarily cannot be updated without printing a new edition; I’ll be able to update the material in On Photography whenever new ideas occur or are offered to me. Finally, a web site provides readers with any easy way to offer comments and reactions that can correct errors that I might make and suggest additional material to add. If the site works well, the instructive material can be the equivalent of “open source” code that benefits from community review and suggestions.

Look through the menu at the top of this page for subjects that interest you, or use the Search bar at the top of the right-hand column. Leave comments on the form at the bottom of most pages if a thought strikes you and you have the time. Thanks.