These pictures don’t fit into any particular theme, they’re just photographs that I enjoy. The Savannah (Georgia) church steeple is a picture from a visit to my daughter. I like the World Financial Center shot for the glow of the late afternoon light on the glass atrium, and the two Hudson River shots for their different perspective on lower Manhattan. (Someday all three pictures will be moved to a gallery of photos from New York.) ┬áThe glow on the berries came from a hike in Colorado; Diamond Head is of course a lasting memory from any trip to Honolulu; the Tuscany countryside is lovely. The last picture is another of my black and white negatives from 30+ years ago: I’ve always been struck by the patient look on the dinosaur’s face as the kids enjoy their play.

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  1. berries, world financial and savannah steeple, my favorites on this page. invaluable would be commentary as to what you saw and what you liked that lead you to conclude, lets take this picture. further, your artistic thinking and how you thought about the camera settings to make sure you captured it the way you wanted to.

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