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There’s a new look for On Photography this morning. I haven’t posted or written yet at any length about the process for creating this web site; that’s something that I’ll get to “shortly”. My work on this site started with a book, Get Your Photography on the Web, which led me to an open-source software package called WordPress, which led to WordPress for Dummies (3rd edition), which led to a supplemental software package for WordPress called Weaver. I had first looked at setting up a web site in early 2010, but I was discouraged by the work that seemed to be needed to do the combination of text and photos that I had in mind. It turns out that creating a web site with WordPress is quite easy, and giving it a more unique feel with Weaver (which I did last night) takes little time at all. I highly recommend the books, the software and the intellectual exercise of putting one’s work on the internet.

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